Christmas 2013

The girls woke my husband I up about 5am. We were able to keep them pretending to sleep until 7. Even still, Mae looked tired and confused when she came out to see the tree and presents. They got more into it once the presents began to open up. Adam got me Meat by James Petersen. And I got him an Irish seaman sweater. He asked me to knit him one, but I, not knowing how to knit, and frightened of the task, opted for one from the store. It was a sweet Christmas. Adam has been out of work since the beginning of December, but things seemed to come together to give our little family a wonderful day. While the girls played or chewed on their new gifts with dad, I finished up my sweet roll wreath I had been making since the night before. I used a traditional sweet roll recipe, one with a sponge method, which is the only way to make it I say.

DSC_1557 DSC_1543 DSC_1566 DSC_1572

We spent the day with my in-laws eating food, giving gifts, and being in a really cheery mood. In the late afternoon, we got a call asking to go to the University of Utah hospital to visit my brother-in-law who recently had emergency open heart surgery. We took Nina, leaving Mae with her cousins. After all the Christmas traditions and spirit, we walked in floating on air, only to find the denizens there in solemn dispositions. As is only natural, when you are spending Christmas in a hospital. I really tried to brighten the mood, but I am not sure we achieved that. I was probably just annoying. When we were finally able to see him, I forgot I should have prepared myself, and was brought back to the reality where everyone else was living. He is doing better every day, however, he is still in pain.

This Christmas was brimming full with love, family, and good food. We carved out new traditions (oxymoron?), and carried on some we started years ago. I am happy that despite the challenges in my life and other’s as well, we were together.

One thought on “Christmas 2013

  1. Wow!I am wore out, just reading your blog. You are like a magician. The things you create in your kitchen Lucky Adam! I. am lucky to throw a hot dog at Jesse. The girls are so adorable!

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