Making Art

Mae approaches art like a confident, established, and reputable artist. She walks right up to her paper and immediately begins making circles, long strokes, and scribbles, in this heat of gusto, she shakes from the intense concentration. Then, in a moment, she sits up straight and declares, “I did it!” She looks at her work, deciding it needs more, and begins it all over again.

DSC_1785 DSC_1815 DSC_1827

Adam, who is currently a senior in his BFA program, told me he wishes he could do art like her. She doesn’t worry about how this painting will effect her body of work, what it “means”, what it “says”, and if she could have used different material or process. She just jumps in with all four limbs, uninhibited. She is unafraid, and when she has an idea, it overcomes her. I think that is a way we should all try to get back to.

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