A Quilt for My Neighbor

It is life’s greatest luck to find yourself with good neighbors. My sweet neighbor, Dee, has been a great neighbor. She is one of the sweetest most sincere women I have ever known. She has two boys and is pregnant with a baby girl. I wanted to give her something special to congratulate her, and when I got a great sale on some blue fabric with white flowers I knew I wanted to make it into a blanket for her. Recently I have been massively interested in quilting and after Christmas, where my mother in law gifted me my own mat and rotary cutter, I have been wanting to do some piecing. So I just went for it. I chose to do an Irish Chain, turn the quilt, and tie it. The whole time I was making it I was just hoping that they will like it. It turned out so much larger than I intended and I have a ton of leftover squares, but I made it thin so wrapping the baby in it won’t be so bulky, or she can use it for a ground quilt for the baby to practice tummy time, or even use it as wall decoration. Or throw it away. Whatever she wants. I enjoyed making it, and the practice will help tremendously when making more quilts in the future. And I will know that no matter how quickly I think it will take me, to times that number by ten.

norasQuiltSquares norasQuilt norasQuilt (4) norasQuilt (5) norasQuilt (6) norasQuilt (7) norasQuilt (8) norasQuilt (9) norasQuilt (12)


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