French Beignets

The first time I had a beignet was when I made them a few months ago. One might call it a doughnut, as it is fried sweet dough, but it is far from it. There are factors to the beignets that I have never had in a pastry. Firstly, it is morning’s first gold. What did Ponyboy say? Something about nothing gold can stay? After a beignet is fried, it must be consumed immediately. The crispy outer shell breaks open to the creamy, fluffy inside dough. I eat them upsidedown so the powdered sugar rests on my tongue in my first bite, giving it that kiss of sweetness. They are spectacular, and certainly not a doughnut.

My recipe I use is very simple, tried, and true. It takes no more effort than waffles do. I cannot repost it here, since I do not own it and can’t hyperlink a book. Most of my recipes are from books, actually. I am not a recipe tester, and I don’t write recipes. I am creative with my recipes, and make them unique to my taste, but that doesn’t mean I am in any position to claim them under my name. Another post I am working on is my recipe book library. The recipe I have calls for 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, and as I don’t buy vegetable oil, since I find it a rank and rancid, unhealthy substance, the only substitute for a dough that goes into 350 degree hot oil, is lard. I melted two tablespoons of lard and mixed it into my dough. I also fried the beignets in lard. It is so stable and clean, it makes for amazing deep frying. I told myself a long time ago, that once a year I can fry chicken and twice a year I can fry sweets. I follow this in the spirit of the law, which is mostly how I follow most dieting rules. Melting a couple quarts of fat and sending my meal through it is something that shouldn’t be done regularly if I am to maintain a small resemblance of a healthy figure.


They are my husband’s favorite breakfast, besides all the other ones I make, of course.



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