A Walk on the Lake








Yesterday, we walked the The Great Salt Lake at Spiral Jetty. After sweeping up Motoi Yamamoto’s salt art at Weber State University, we drove about two hours out to Spiral Jetty along with other students at Westminster College, and returned the salt to the lake. The light, the sound, the temperature, it was all perfect. At one point, I gracefully (ha!) fell into a sinkhole, water rushed into my boots and I had to walk around with wet pants and socks for the rest of the trip. I have never been more comfortable walking around in wet socks and soggy boots. It had to have been all the salt. Adam walked barefoot and told me that he couldn’t distinguish water from air easily, it was so smooth and the temperature was so close to his own body temperature even on that early Spring day in Utah. Walking out into the lake was like walking in a dream. It was quiet and clear. The colors were so brilliant and true. I can think of no better place to rest from the storm of earthly life than this place.




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