Cooking in the Natural World

I made cobbler after we set up camp, which burnt because the fire was too hot. Which reminds me, while we packed for the shortest camping trip ever, I saw Adam’s blow torches in the garage and offhandedly remarked he should bring that instead of the lighter. Oh my hell, that was the best decision ever made in the history of camping. All we did was set up the fire and set it ablaze.
camping072014 (55)

I dreamed about breakfast over a fire like some distant ancestor was sending her memories to me in my sleep. What she forgot to tell me was to bring syrup for the pancakes, so not sure she is on my good list right now. Howeer, thankfully, we did have applesauce and that was an ok replacement.

camping072014 (98)

camping072014 (101)

camping072014 (106)

One thought on “Cooking in the Natural World

  1. I’m pretty sure your breakfast over the fire looks better than anyone else’s. I decided after a one night camping trip last week that I’m not a happy camper! Cooking over a fire is way harder than it looks, Bravo!

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