The Play Garden

Mae loves nursery during church. She talks about it all week. She is not super happy when I have to collect her after the two hours. She spends the next few days telling me all about the blue ball, snacks, and friends from church then drawing the thank you thumb and please pinkies on my fingers. So even though she is only two, we knew it was time to look for a preschool. The one we picked is special. I can ride the trailer on my bike to it in just a few minutes. The toys are incredible. It is moderately priced. The amount of students is pretty small. Today was her first day, though we have been a few times already to look through it and talk with the ladies who work there. She was thrilled beyond all compare. 

I knew I would have trouble collecting her just three hours later.

She is still asking if she can go back. Poor girl has to wait until Thursday. 

firstDayofPreschool2 firstDayofPreschool1 DSC_0031

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