My girls have been a raccoon, alligator, butterfly, scarecrow, and a truck driver, and then last year they were two sides of The Princess in Black. I love Halloween, and I made all their costumes by hand. Each costume represented an entire year of planning, creativity, and effort. Until this year.

I now work full time. I pickup my girls from daycare and don’t make it home until close to six some days. I still try to make a full dinner, which is an hour of cooking, and they must get to bed before 8 pm, otherwise they turn into pumpkins. This schedule isn’t ideal. The other day, I got home, determined to get dinner on the table faster, and Nina just kept calling out to me from the yard, “Mom! Come play with me! Come play with my caramel!” (fun fact: she calls comets caramels, and made one in school that she can throw around the yard.) Despite it not being in the budget, I said screw you dinner, went out and played with my daughter and made a quick phone call to Dominoes while we threw the caramel to each other. We snuggled on the couch and watched Curious George’s Halloween special and at 7 pm, the pizza man showed up with what would be the reason for my stomach ache all the next day (bad food is not nice to me).

In all this light, you can understand why I thought that I would let this industrialized world help with Halloween. I pulled up Amazon on my iPad, and the girls scrolled around for about an hour until they picked out their costumes. Disney Princesses. Elsa and Arial to be exact. It feels a little bit like a defeat. We went to their school Halloween carnival, and every one of M’s friends was Elsa. Four little Elsas running around. Oh well. She loves it. It’s ok to have a few Disney princess years and order pizza for dinner. Those are extremely small sacrifices to have all I have now. I’ll gladly pay.12345678


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