Christmas Photos

A Christmas, of Christmas past, was one of the best. We opened presents, ate breakfast, and played in the freshly fallen snow, we were euphoric. That is, until we realized we had ten minutes to get to my inlaws. We left in a whirlwind hurry, leaving all our new presents and good cheer to spend the rest of the day driving around the Wasatch front, losing a much needed binky, and generally feeling rushed. No more, I thought.

This Christmas I said no to everyone, and stayed home.

We were in pajamas. We played with toys, markers, play doh…

The girls and I shoveled the walk and played in the snow.

I made a wonderful meal.

Things were just the best.

Except Adam was very sick and spent most of the day either in bed or puzzling. And that’s ok. I am so glad we didn’t make plans. The snow fell so hard we were snowed in anyway. The car would have needed some intense unburying and the roads were awful.

My favorite part was giving the girls new bedding while they slept, and neither of them particularly noticed when they woke up. Kids.



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