I know this perfectly awesome person, and she invited me to a girls trip to Palm Springs a few months back. When I saw the Facebook notification, I knew that I was going to be there. I told Adam I was going– without first telling him about it. I even had a dream that I was there with big curly hair, so I changed my hair appointment from a color to a perm.

We left last Thursday morning. S drove her swanky BMW and I sat back and enjoyed her 8 hours of banging playlists. We left the cold, snow, ice, wind, and smog of Northern Utah and before lunch were in Cedar for burgers, without sweaters, looking at a palm tree in the mother flipping sunshine.

When we met up at the motel in Palm Springs we met the organizer, C, and her four friends I didn’t know. I cannot tell you how much love I grew for these women. Everyone was agreeable. We all loved the same kick ass music. We all took time to Snapchat and Instagram everything we did. We all found ourselves wanting to do the same things.

It was great to find joy with new friends and to find myself in another state living it up.



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